Goat's milk: Digestible, anti-inflammatory, with high iron and low pH - like the breast milk! From paidiatros.com

Are there any advantages to using goat's milk?

According to the scientifically published data so far, goat's milk offers the following nutritional benefits:

Goat's milk offers better bioavailability of iron. What does bioavailability of iron mean?  More than 50% of the iron contained in goat's milk is absorbed by the child's body as opposed to cow's milk which absorbs only 13% of the iron contained.  Simply put, the child receives more iron in the body for the same amount of goat's milk as cow's milk.

The PH (acidity) of goat's milk is similar to breast milk.  Some studies have shown that the risk of gastrointestinal infections is reduced due to its specific acidity.

Some studies argue that it is more digestible because the proteins it contains are less dense, contain smaller pellets of fat and at the same time a higher percentage of inositol, a substance involved in fat metabolism.

Studies have shown that goat's milk has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the intestinal flora due to the probiotics it contains. Of course, formulas designed for infants from cow's milk are also enriched with probiotics.

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