We are located next to Mt. Menikio,
in the county of Drama

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Mount Menikio, a magical place

The feed storage, livestock and production units are located in the valley of Prosotsani,under the shadow of mount Menikio.

The location was chosen purposefully. Not only because of its rich and fertile soil; but also because of the constant breeze of fresh air blowing down from a canyon ideally located approximately 10 kilometres to the North, which channels the wind creating a natural ventilation system. This is why the air is always fresh around the livestock unit, even though it houses a few thousands of sheep and goats.

But the biggest advantage of our livestock unit is that it is surrounded by 25 acres of our own organic-grown grass field, where our sheep and goats are free to roam and graze according to the time and the weather, protected within a safe environment.

At the same time, we always adhere to a strict feed schedule and stable quantities, creating the ideal conditions and maintaining them throughout the year, in order to ensure a steady and stable production of high-quality organic milk.

A day at Menikio

This is how a day at Menikio goes by!

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Our facilities

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Our livestock unit was established in 2007, according to the standards for semi-logged farming set by the European Union with regards to organic meat and dairy production.

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Our people

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Menikio is its people.
Our team combines experience with modern production and distribution methods, so that we’re able to provide high-quality products every day. With a shared goal and a collective vision for the future, each one of us contributes a small bit of their selves to the products that we offer.
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Quality Assurance Department

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Before production begins, the quality and consistency of the raw material is always checked, using modern lab technology along with sophisticated methods. Milk is the cornerstone of all our products; it is what makes them really special. This is why we look after it any every way possible. All products pass thorough quality assurance tests through every step of the production process, so that you can enjoy them in all their mighty nutritional value.

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R&D Department

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We aim to produce new and innovative dairy products of high nutritional value, while also respecting tradition. Our R&D department is comprised of young scientists who constantly pursue not only to improve the quality of our products, but also to explore new horizons and make innovative developments in healthy diet and nutrition.

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Awards & Distinctions

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Apart from the consumers themselves, we are proud that our products enjoy the respect and recognition of official national and international organisations and bodies in various competitions around the world.

Great Taste - Organic Feta Cheese PDO GT 19 2 star
World Cheese - Organic Feta Cheese PDO WCA 18-19 bronze PMS 876
Great Taste - Organic Goat Cheese GT 19 1 star
World Cheese - Organic Goat Cheese WCA 18-19 bronze PMS 876
Great Taste - Organic Goat Kefir GT 19 1 star
Int. Cheese & Dairy - Kefir Gold Award No Date
World Cheese - Organic Graviera WCA 18-19 silver PMS 877
Great Taste - Organic Sheep Yoghurt GT 19 2-star
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All our products are produced under strict regulations, as set by the certifications, licenses and frameworks below:

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They’ve said about us

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"Congratulations on your products, and most of all your yoghurt! Our baby eats your yoghurt since the age of 6 months! If we give him any other, he doesn’t have a bite! It’s unbelievable! We now buy them by the dozen so we don’t run out. Congratulations again, amazing taste and texture!"

Mina Rapti

"In a crisis-ridden Greece, businessmen like George Meleneklis prove that in order to build a successful business, you don’t need a huge capital. You need to set goals and respect your customers by offering them a high-quality, 100% local product."

Melina Kritsotaki

"It should be taken into consideration that the latest scientific researches show that cow milk is a product that is not compatible with our bodies’ needs. It is goat milk on the other hand which shows significant similarities to features of the breast milk, such as the ability to retain calcium within our body more efficiently."

Giorgos Lambiris

"Entrepreneurship in today’s Greece is in crisis. Yet there still are businesses that manage to shine, using fresh, natural and high-quality raw materials and exhibiting professionalism and creativity."