1st place for Menoikio in "Agroanelexis 2022"!

The agri-food acceleration programme "Agroanelexis-Farm2Product 2022", implemented by the "New Georgia New Generation" organisation through the founding donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), supports innovative business ideas and initiatives in the agricultural sector. More specifically, the programme is targeted at agri-food businesses, aiming at shaping a new business mindset in the sector, as well as developing new diversified food products through sustainable business efforts.

Our participation in "Agroanelexis-Farm2Product 2022" was an absolute success, since we managed to receive the 1st place among the 52 participants! After an evaluation process, in which 12 out of 52 entries were initially singled out and rewarded, Menoikio, taking part in seminars and mentoring by renowned food scientists, managed to be at the top of the program with its new product Organic Goat Kefir Ice Cream!

On the occasion of the increased sales of goat kefir, we inspired the organic goat kefir ice cream by targeting a new market for us - the freezer. Organic goat's milk, organic goat's cream, sugar, starch and organic goat kefir Menoikio are the ingredients of our new product. All this of course ..... frozen!!!!

It is a new and innovative product that is expected to be released in the market soon, in view of the summer season. A product with a characteristic advantage of quality and high nutritional value for the human body, since it combines organic and goat's milk. In a 150 g package, it is a cool solution to the need to consume ice cream and at the same time offers the beneficial elements of kefir culture.

Organic Goat Kefir Organic Ice Cream from Menoikio was judged and received the highest score in the competition based on the Business Guide and New Product Action Plan from the company, with criteria such as SWOT analysis, Marketing Mix, Digital Marketing, Sales - Export Plan, New Product Creation Plan, as well as Business Model Canvas and Unique Selling Proposition.

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