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Grilling cheese

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This semi-hard cheese for the grill is made from 100% Greek sheep milk, with the addition of rennet, culture and salt. With or without spearmint, it makes an ideal side dish, grilled or simply fried in the pan until golden brown on the outside.

Ingredients: Sheep milk, salt, spearmint, lactic acid culture, rennet.

NUTRIOTIONAL FACTS Per 100g Per 50g serving
ENERGY 366 kcal/1518 kj 140 kcal/580 kj
FATS 30 g 12 g
PROTEIN 23 g 9,2 g
SALT 3 g 1,2 g
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They’ve said about us

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"Congratulations on your products, and most of all your yoghurt! Our baby eats your yoghurt since the age of 6 months! If we give him any other, he doesn’t have a bite! It’s unbelievable! We now buy them by the dozen so we don’t run out. Congratulations again, amazing taste and texture!"

Mina Rapti

"In a crisis-ridden Greece, businessmen like George Meleneklis prove that in order to build a successful business, you don’t need a huge capital. You need to set goals and respect your customers by offering them a high-quality, 100% local product."

Melina Kritsotaki

"It should be taken into consideration that the latest scientific researches show that cow milk is a product that is not compatible with our bodies’ needs. It is goat milk on the other hand which shows significant similarities to features of the breast milk, such as the ability to retain calcium within our body more efficiently."

Giorgos Lambiris

"Entrepreneurship in today’s Greece is in crisis. Yet there still are businesses that manage to shine, using fresh, natural and high-quality raw materials and exhibiting professionalism and creativity."